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August 24, 2002

Budding and Grafting

Ever wonder how "5 varieties on 1 tree" apple
trees are produced? Well, the answer is budding and grafting. Hard to
do? Not really! Dr. Mark Reiger of the University of Georgia's College
of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences teaches Walter how to bud a
tree. Walter claims that it?s not as hard as it sounds. By the end of
the segment, Walter is an expert!

Nurse Beds

When you have plants that need extra care, or
when you need a place to hold plants for a while, a nurse bed may be
the answer. Walter shows how he prepares perfect soil in his nurse beds
so his plants will prosper there while he decides what to do with them.

Whitefly Traps

Whiteflies can be a real pest on certain
garden and landscape plants, like tomatoes and gardenias. Walter shows
how to make a whitefly trap using a yellow plastic cup and some STP
Motor Oil Treatment. A stake is driven into the ground near an infested
plant, and a yellow cup is upended and tacked to the end of the stake.
The cup is painted with sticky motor oil treatment. Adult whiteflies
will be attracted to the color yellow and will be trapped in the goo on
the cup.