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July 20, 2002


Some say "to ma to"; some say "to mah to".
Some say geranium...but a real gardener knows annual geraniums are
really pelargonium. Denise Smith, owner of GardenSmith Greenhouse,
displays dozens of different pelargonium. Some have darkened zones in
their leaves, some have flowers shaped like roses. But, to Walter, the
most fascinating are the scented pelargonium. Their leaf scent can
range from mint to chocolate to lemon!

Breeding New Plants

The University of Georgia Center for Applied
Nursery Research in Deering does a great job breeding and evaluating
new plants for Georgia nurseries and gardeners. Kay Bowman of the
Center describes her research on breeding a better hypericum (St.
John's Wort) using pollen from plants having different blooms and

Tying Up Berry Vines

Walter is sold on raspberries and blackberries
for backyard gardeners! Few pests, little maintenance, but bountiful
harvests make these outstanding plants. He points out the berries of
'Dormanred' raspberry and the huge fruit of 'Kiowa' blackberry.
Additional bramble information is available the Georgia Cooperative
Extension Service Publication, Home Garden Raspberries and Blackberries.