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June 8, 2002

Dividing Herbs and Veggies

Sage gardeners always look for opportunities
to divide and multiply their assets. Dividing transplants is an easy
way to multiply your plants and your investment. Walter demonstrates
how to carefully divide a pot of basil containing several sprouts.

He shows how he shops for tomato seedlings at a nursery to get more than one plant in a pot and get more for his money.

Thinning Peaches

It looks like this year will bring a nice
peach crop for The Peach State. If you have peach trees in your
landscape, you may have noticed hundreds of small peaches on each tree.
That may set your mouth watering in anticipation of a bumper crop, but
Dr. Mark Reiger, Horticulturist with UGA's College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences, tells Walter that leaving them all on the tree
is an invitation to problems. These small peaches should be thinned to
one for every six inches of tree stem. This thinning practice balances
a critical ratio between numbers of tree leaves and number of
developing peaches. As Dr. Reiger explains, each fruit requires the
sugars produced by 30 leaves, usually growing nearby.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a delicious and nutritious
addition to almost any meal. Do you want to grow your own. Well, Dr.
Wayne McLaurin, Horticulturist with UGA's College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences, says that growing great-tasting sweet potatoes
starts at the grocery store and ends up in your garden... by way of
your kitchen! He shows Walter how to select potatoes by taste before
sprouting them and harvesting the easily-rooted "slips" to plant in
your garden. You can have a nice yield of sweet potatoes even in a
small space.