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June 15, 2002

How's the Tomatoes and Squash

The tomatoes are up, and the squash is growing
rapidly! Walter takes time to offer advice on managing vegetables he
planted in an earlier show at UGA's Research and Education Garden in

Grow Your Own Fruit? Maybe!

Raising fruit in your back yard is a dream of
many gardeners. Some fruits, however, are more pest-prone than you
might expect. Take the peach, for example! Although Georgia is the
Peach State, Dr. Dan Horton, an entomologist with UGA's College of
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, explains that insect control
on peaches is difficult. He describes several techniques of integrated
pest management (IPM) that a homeowner can follow in producing backyard

Summer Melons

Watermelons are a widely-acclaimed Southern
delicacy. Dr. Wayne McLaurin of UGA's College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences discusses the varieties, planting and culture of
watermelons for your own home garden. Following Dr. McLaurin's advice
and suggestions will yield some delicious rewards.

Planting Florist Azalea

When you receive a florist azalea, can you
plant it? Will it survive and produce flowers? Walter says, "Yes!"... provided you give it special care during the first year after you
put it in the ground.