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May 18, 2002

Growing Herbs

Ever read any of the books in the popular series Chicken Soup for the ....? Well, Gardening in Georgia
has its own version with herbs... Herbs for food... Herbs for health...
Herbs for... You can get the picture on this week's show as host
Walter Reeves visits Wayne McLaurin, a noted horticulturist with lots
of sense (or, is it scents?) about herbs that you can grow.

Every gardener should grow a few herbs! For the most part they
require little care and are almost pest free. Walter and Dr. Wayne
McLaurin plant a herb bed and describe all the different flavors and
scents available. Dr. McLaurin cautions that herbs taste better when
they receive little fertilizer but lots of sunshine. The heat develops
a stronger taste in the herb leaves. Dr. McLaurin and his wife are the
authors of a great booklet on herbs Herbs in Southern Gardens, which is available through your local Extension office for only $5.00.

Building Raised Beds

Vegetables, flowers and herbs all grow best in
raised beds. And, it is proven that using raised beds helps to prevent
surface water runoff which reduces nonpoint source pollutants from
entering our waterways. Walter demonstrates his method of building a
raised bed using 2 x10 lumber. Other materials, such as stone, bricks
or concrete block can also be used. A bed three feet wide and eight
feet long seems best for easy management in most gardens. But,
remember! Soil preparation is the key to raised bed gardening.