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October 5, 2002

Fall Pansies

Early October is the best time to plant
pansies for fall color. Walter demonstrates the best method of planting
them to keep them blooming – even during cold weather. Don't forget
his advice: thoroughly tilled, heavily amended soil plus regular
fertilization will keep pansies and violas looking great from now until
next April.

Beneficial Insects

Georgia's native honeybee population has been
decimated by a tremendous invasion of predatory mites. Without bees,
other insects must assume pollination duties in our gardens. Dr. Keith
Delaplane explains why pollinating insects are so important and Helen
Phillips leads Walter through a flower garden planted specifically to
attract pollinators.


Some consider them creepy but spiders are
among the most beneficial of garden creatures. Walter discusses the
habits and habit of several spiders you're likely to find in a garden.