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October 12, 2002

Spring Bulbs

One trick to give a color contrast in a pansy
bed is to underplant them with spring-flowering bulbs. Walter shows how
to plant bulbs in a pansy bed and lists which ones do best.


Indoor ferns are amazing in their beauty and
adaptability. Walter visits Biltmore Estates to learn more about these
primitive plants and their care in the home.


The luffa sponge you enjoy in your bath
doesn't come from the ocean like other natural sponges. It actually
comes from a gourd... one you can easily grow in your garden. Walter
shows how to grow the gourds and then demonstrates how to make a sponge
from the contents of the gourd. Don't forget Walter's advice if you try
growing luffa gourd – if it weren't an annual vine, luffa would cover
trees on par with kudzu!