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Flu Facts

GPB cares about your health! Following are some online resources that will help educate you about the flu, help you make healthcare decisions related to the flu, and help you learn more about ways you can help prevent spreading the flu.

GPB Flu Information

Parents Concerned for Kids

Lesson Plan

Background, Activities and Critical Analysis (Grades 10-12)

Videos and Games

Swine Flu Facts
"The Big Sneeze"

Sid’s parents tell him to wash his hands to keep away germs. But Sid can’t see any germs on his hands, so why should he wash them? (Ages 3-6)
Swine Flu Facts
"Sick of Germs"

WordGirl has to battle Chuck's latest evil scheme, while also fighting off a nasty cold. (Ages 4-9)
Swine Flu Facts
"The Journey of a Germ"

From the Episode “the Big Sneeze”, this song covers the how germs travel from person to person. (Ages 3-6)
Swine Flu Facts
"The Germinator Game"

See if you can beat Ruff Ruffman’s high score on Germinator by helping germs infect the evil genius Crumpet and her gang. (Ages 6-10)