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Fathers and Daughters: Journeys of the Heart

Fathers and Daughters: Journeys of the Heart explores the powerful yet delicate father-daughter connection through the eyes of experts and father-daughter duos who share their advice and personal experiences. The program, filled with illuminating and poignant moments, is hosted by Emmy Award-winning executive producer Helene Lerner and directed by Academy Award-winning director Deborah Shaffer (Witness to War). Fathers and Daughters features Joe Kelly, president of Dads and Daughters, a national advocacy group aimed at inspiring fathers to actively engage in their daughters' lives; Dr. Linda Nielsen, a nationally recognized expert on father-daughter relationships who reflects on her experience with her own father; Tom and Kate Collinger, a father and daughter whose bond deepened following the death of Kate's mother; and the Wiley-Littles, a modern family in which shared parenting duties have built a close connection between teenager Kial and her father.

7:00PAre You Being Served?

Shedding The Load

7:29PAre You Being Served?

A Bliss Girl

8:00PKeeping Up Appearances

Iron Age Remains

8:59PAs Time Goes By

Too Old... Or Too Nosy

9:30PAs Time Goes By

The Old Folks' Party

10:00PMoone Boy