We give a quick shout-out to this very important organization that helps educate youth about the various aspects of agriculture.

What’s a Gas Chromatograph? Find out here.

Did you ever wonder why horsepower is called horsepower? We’ve got the answer and details.

This technology-based segment explains in simple terms the way refrigerant and evaporation combine to create air conditioning.

Before making films, we wanted to find out how films work. And that means learning about Persistence of Vision.

Our version is admittedly simplified. We summarize the process, starting with steel coil and finishing by shipping a brand new car out the door.

We not only offer the formal definition of hydraulics, we also describe what they mean to our river guides.

Our certified athletic trainer teaches us why it’s better to ice some injuries and heat others, for the fastest recovery possible.

We explain the difference between laser light and other light beams, and how lasers are used to find the best (and worst) berries!

We again focus on technology, this time comparing incandescent lighting to LED lighting, learning how each works, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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