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Teachable Moments


Learn what DNA is from a Forensic Biologist at the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation.


To understand why Jekyll Island is such a great place for sea turtles, it'll help to understand what an Ecosystem is.


We ask the experts, and are able to get a simple definition of electricity.


A peek into the field of Entomology.


Definition and description of Epidemiology–the branch of medical science concerned with the occurrence, transmission, and the control of epidemic diseases.


We meet an Ergonomist who’s made of career out of watching other people work.


We explain what an estuary is and why they’re such an important component of his area’s ecosystem.

Feels Like Temperature vs. Actual Temperature

Learn why the "feels like" temperature is different from the "actual" temperature.

Frame Rates

Different film frame rates are used for different types of entertainment. We build on our other 2 teachable moments from this episode with a quick explanation and overview.


A definition and explanation of frass, the debris or excrement produced by insects.


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