What makes Georgia so suitable to blueberries? Part of the answer lies in the fact that our geographical location allows for 2 blueberry crops each season.

We define Composting, and talk about why it’s a…ahem…natural part of what King of Pops does.

This video and crop would not be possible without the hard work of countless bees. But exactly what is it they’re doing?

Once you know what CFS is, we’ll explain how a Current Meter works so you can measure it yourself.

Anyone who wants to be a Park Ranger in Georgia, or maybe explore a multitude of other jobs, should know what the DNR is. So we tell them.

In case you need to know about the different types of welding and their uses, we’ve got you covered.

We meet an Ergonomist who’s made of career out of watching other people work.

We explain what an estuary is and why they’re such an important component of his area’s ecosystem.

Different film frame rates are used for different types of entertainment. We build on our other 2 teachable moments from this episode with a quick explanation and overview.

Texture is almost as important as flavor with these pops. So we take a moment to explain Freezing Point Depression and the role it plays.

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