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Teachable Moments


To make olive oil, it helps to understand what a centrifuge is and how it works. And we’re here to help with that.


If you’re going rolling on the river, you’ll want to know how fast it’s rolling. CFS is the key to figuring that out.

Chroma Key

Also known as “Green Screen,” Chroma Key isn’t just used by TV weather people. It’s also a great tool for creating special effects, as we explain here.


What makes Georgia so suitable to blueberries? Part of the answer lies in the fact that our geographical location allows for 2 blueberry crops each season.

Coffee Growing

Coffee growing requires some geographic luck. This will give you the inside scoop.


We define Composting, and talk about why it’s a…ahem…natural part of what King of Pops does.

Cross Pollination

This video and crop would not be possible without the hard work of countless bees. But exactly what is it they’re doing?

Current Meter

Once you know what CFS is, we’ll explain how a Current Meter works so you can measure it yourself.

Department of Natural Resources

Anyone who wants to be a Park Ranger in Georgia, or maybe explore a multitude of other jobs, should know what the DNR is. So we tell them.

Dew Points

Learn what dew points are and how they affect your hair.


Find By Season

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