An explanation of sound basics, including how sound waves dissipate over distance.

Teachable Moments include an explanation of how to find the energy required to convert solids into liquids and gases. This involves a discussion of the different states of matter, the definitions...

White Oak Pastures' employees talk about sustainable agriculture and its benefits.

The coffee business is BIG business, as you'll see here.

In one of our less predictable Teachable Moments, we learn about the now extinct Giant Ground Sloth, what fossils are, and why the Georgia Coast is such a great place to find them.

In addition to an Adrenaline Rush, there are a lot of physics involved in making rollercoasters so much fun to ride. The Transfer of Energy and Angular Momentum are two of the keys.

Cloudy skies aren't always bad news. You can get the details with our explanation of the different types of clouds.

We're willing to bet this is the most interesting explanation of watersheds you'll ever see, but you'll have to watch it to find out why.

In this "Lightning Round," we begin by explaining how lightning is created. And we end with a poem. (So you'll want to watch it all.)

Learn about weather and what causes it.

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