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Teachable Moments

Bernoulli's Principle

If you’ve ever wondered how planes fly, this video will help, as our experts explain Bernoulli's Principle.  


Our ergonomist explains how science meets engineering in biomechanics, comparing joints to levers—another simple machine.  

Electrical and Thermite Welding

In case you need to know about the different types of welding and their uses, we’ve got you covered.


We ask the experts and are able to get a simple definition of electricity.  

How To Make a Car

Our version is admittedly simplified. We summarize the process, starting with steel coil and finishing by shipping a brand new car out the door.

Mechanical Advantage

A $12 million crane capable of lifting 78 tons is the machine we utilize in this engineering Teachable Moment, using pulleys and levers to explain Mechanical Advantage.

Root Cause Analysis

The students of Southwire's Engineering Academy break down root cause analysis to its...root cause.

Southwire Engineering Academy

Southwire has a unique relationship with Carrollton High School, offering students opportunities to explore rewarding careers in engineering. Check it out.


The mysterious inner-workings of a transmission are based on a “simple” bit of engineering—using Simple Machines, also known as gears.

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