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Teachable Moments

RFID Technology

Coca-Cola’s Freestyle drink machines use radio waves to communicate with suppliers, which makes them environmentally friendly, and more.

Root Cause Analysis

The students of Southwire's Engineering Academy break down Root Cause Analysis to its...root cause.


With the help of King of Pops, we take Georgia Performance Standard SB4d head on, touching on some of the human causes of environmental change and why King of Pops buys locally.

Serengeti Rotational Grazing Model

White Oak Pastures employees explain what the Serengeti Rotational Grazing Model is.

Sound Waves

An explanation of sound basics, including how sound waves dissipate over distance.

Southwire Engineering Academy

Southwire has a unique relationship with Carrollton High School, offering students opportunities to explore rewarding careers in engineering. Check it out.

States Of Matter

Teachable Moments include an explanation of how to find the energy required to convert solids into liquids and gases. This involves a discussion of the different states of matter, the definitions of...

Sustainable Agriculture

White Oak Pastures' employees talk about sustainable agriculture and its benefits.

The Coffee Business

The coffee business is BIG business, as you'll see here.

The Giant Ground Sloth

In one of our less predictable Teachable Moments, we learn about the now extinct Giant Ground Sloth, what fossils are, and why the Georgia Coast is such a great place to find them.


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