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Teachable Moments

Freezing Point Depression

Texture is almost as important as flavor with these pops. So we take a moment to explain Freezing Point Depression and the role it plays.


If you want to zip line safely...and we do...then it'll help to understand the basics of friction.

Future Farmers of America

We give a quick shout-out to this very important organization that helps educate youth about the various aspects of agriculture.

Gas Chromatograph

What’s a Gas Chromatograph? Find out here.

Gold Standard

An explanation of what the gold standard is and how it relates to paper currency.


In its simplest terms, we define gravity and explain why understanding it is essential to a cartoon animator. Really.

Honey As An Antibiotic

Honey on your toast? Okay...if you want. But did you know it can also be used to treat turtle wounds?


Did you ever wonder why horsepower is called horsepower? We’ve got the answer and details.

How Air Conditioners Work

This technology-based segment explains in simple terms the way refrigerant and evaporation combine to create air conditioning.

How Film Works

Before making films, we wanted to find out how films work. And that means learning about Persistence of Vision.


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