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Gulfstream Exteriors

Establishing shots of the research and development facility, acoustics lab, and other offices on the Gulfstream campus.

Gulfstream Labs

Footage from inside the Gulfstream acoustics test facility.

Gun Lab

Various shots from inside GBI’s gun lab, including bullets, cartridge cases, and examiners.

Hartsfield Runway

Exteriors of the Kiss and Ride drop off, planes taking off and landing on the runways, driving around the runway grounds, old planes, bridges, and tunnels, radar towers, and observation towers.

Hartsfield Security

Interior shots of HJAIA signs, security offices and security computers, cameras, air traffic control software, employees offices, photos. Security employee tour of the runways, tarmacs, and...

Horticultural Center

Exterior shots of the Production Greenhouse. Interior shots of the floral display area.

In the Studio

Footage of a production assistant preparing the set, pedestal cameras, lights, the camera robotics control station, severe storm central area, make-up room, and the green screen studio.

In The Theatre

Footage of the balcony and orchestra levels, and the stage.

Inside the Career Fair

Various shots of students entering and moving about the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center. Time-lapse clips of the fair and shots of selected booths including, Shaw and Home Depot.

Inside the Racecar

Footage of the driver handling her race car, point-of-view shots through the windshield, and exterior shots of passing cars and land.


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