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Gulfstream Exteriors

Establishing shots of the research and development facility, acoustics lab, and other offices on the Gulfstream campus.

Gulfstream Labs

Footage from inside the Gulfstream acoustics test facility.

Jekyll Island

Footage of the Jekyll Island welcome sign, Palm trees, and the Sidney Lanier Bridge.

Meddin Studios

Interior shots of Meddin’s production studio, edit/viewing suites, supply rooms, sets, lighting rigs, and camera equipment.

Ports Authority Office

Exteriors of the Ports Authority Office, interiors of employees, employee offices and computers, processing machines, signs, and photos. Inside the crane simulation computer, and other various...

Ports Authority Shipping Yard

Exterior shots of the shipping yard, transporting the metal crates around the shipping yard, loading the crates onto locomotives. Helicopter flying around the shipping yard.

Ports Authority Waterfront

Exteriors of the giant cranes lifting cargo crates off of and on to semi trucks. exterior views of the riverfront, train yard and wild birds..

Sea Turtle Grounds

Footage of the beautiful trees and signs around the Sea Turtle Center. Shots from inside the museum exhibit gallery and a puppet show.

Sea Turtle Hospital

Shots of the Rehabilitation Pavilion interior where sea turtles swim inside of fiberglass tanks. Shots of the Radiology and surgical suites.

Sea Turtle Surgery

Footage from inside the rehabilitation/hospital facility where professionals treat a turtle’s wound.

Skidaway State Park

Exterior shots of the State Park Sign. Interior shots of wildlife, bones, and taxidermy displays in nature center, employees and Fast Forward Team members handling wildlife. Exteriors of the park...

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