Stay Tuned! Students will be able to download, reformat, and edit this b-roll footage into their own Fast Forward shorts in an upcoming video competition.

Season 1

Footage of the beautiful trees and signs around the Sea Turtle Center. Shots from inside the museum exhibit gallery and a puppet show.

Shots of the Rehabilitation Pavilion interior where sea turtles swim inside of fiberglass tanks. Shots of the Radiology and surgical suites.

Footage from inside the rehabilitation/hospital facility where professionals treat a turtle’s wound.

Interior and exterior footage of the Shaw Facility.

Establishing shots of the Southwire Building, including the front and side entrances.

Southwire’s engineering academy students playing a group game of Jeopardy.

Various shots of Southwire signs throughout the building. Wall paintings and quotes, photographs, glass displays.

Footage of equipment, chemicals, and a forensic biologist working with samples inside the toxicology lab.

Footage of cars driving on the track from various angles.

Footage of the adventure tour, including multiple ziplines, the sky bridge, and the nature walk. Clips of safety and break training, and the course graduation ceremony.

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