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Federal Reserve Museum

Shots of displays and multimedia exhibits within the Atlanta Federal Monetary Museum.

Forensic Labs

Shots of biologists working and a variety of lab equipment.

Fox Exteriors

Establishing shots of the Fabulous Fox in Midtown Atlanta.

Fox Interior

Footage of various ballrooms, hallways, and the lobby.

Fox Restoration Department

Footage from inside the Fox’s restoration department where staff is repairing or restoring a piece of furniture.


Shots of the garden at the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center, including a bridge, various types of flowers, bees, and farmland.

GBI Exteriors

Establishing shots of the GBI Crime Laboratory Annex, Herman Jones Memorial Forensic Science Complex, Medical Examiner Annex, and the Phil Peters Building.

GRU Anatomy Art

Interiors of the Medical Illustration Graduate School, signs, employees, employee cubicles and computers, various graphic art signs and art supplies. Graphic design software and hardware, Mac...

GRU Facilities

Exteriors of the GRU building, signs of downtown Augusta, exteriors of hospitals and cancer centers. Interiors of signs and safety notices, a MRI machine with dummy patient, close ups of the...

GRU Pediatrics

Interiors of Pediatric Department signs, play areas, waiting rooms, and exam rooms, Neonatal care rooms, employees, signs, artwork, and photos.


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