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Adult Swim

Exterior shots of the Turner Buildings, the Adult Swim graphic fence, midtown traffic, and street signs. Interior shots of the Adult Swim building, including interesting animal statues, dolls, signs...

AMP Grounds

Shots of Atlanta Motorsports Park signage, welcome trailer, car garages, construction maps and vehicles, and race karts.

AMP Track Unlimited

Shots of enthusiasts showing off and driving their personal cars on the track. Some of the car models include: Shelby, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. Other shots of the emergency vehicles on site.

Aquarium Labs

Footage of the diagnostic and water quality lab, and the veterinary lab.

Aquarium Staff

Footage of Aquarium employees, including an aquarist, audio/visual specialist, and a dive master.

Blueberry Fields

Cogdell Berry Farm signs interior and exterior, various road signs around the farm, a guided tour through the blueberry fields, shots of the tractor and shots from on top of the tractor in motion,...

Blueberry Sorting and Packaging

Forklift transporting palates of packaged blueberries in the warehouse, employees aiding in the sorting and packing process on conveyors, labeling, and loading into palates for distribution and sale...

Brasstown Bald

Footage from the observation deck of Georgia’s highest mountain featuring shots of the surrounding valleys.

Butterfly Conservatory

Exterior shots of the conservatory glass building and signs. Shots of butterflies and a pond of fish.

Callaway Discovery Center

Establishing shot of the center, employees working on the computer and answering phones, a technician working with wires, footage from within the gift shop.


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