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Blueberry Fields

Cogdell Berry Farm signs interior and exterior, various road signs around the farm, a guided tour through the blueberry fields, shots of the tractor and shots from on top of the tractor in motion,...

Blueberry Sorting and Packaging

Forklift transporting palates of packaged blueberries in the warehouse, employees aiding in the sorting and packing process on conveyors, labeling, and loading into palates for distribution and sale...

Farm Tour: Animals

Footage of baby chicks and adult chickens in their coops, cows grazing, goats hanging, and the White Oak dogs playing.

Farm Tour: Land

A driving tour of the White Oak Pasture property. Shots of tractors, gardens, and a gnat trap.

Lakeland GA

Exterior shots of “Welcome to Lakeland” sign, the marshes and wetlands, boat tours and tourists, and shots of the olive farmer looking out into the wetlands.

Meat Packing Plant

Footage of workers cutting, cleaning and packaging meat, meat cutting tools, freezers, and cook in the kitchen.

Olive Farm Greenhouse

Exterior shots of the rows of olive bushes, a guided tour by the olive farmers, various shots of the farming equipment, driving around the farm. Exterior shots of the tractor plowing the fields,...

Olive Oil Shop

Exterior shots of the Georgia Olive Farm sign. Interior shots of the olive oil containers and products in the shop. Close ups of the oil processing equipment. Shots of the employees managing the...

White Oak Store

Exterior shots of the White Oak Pastures entrance and store front. Interior shots of the store, including news articles of farm owner Will Harris and a poster detailing the different cuts of meat.

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