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City of Carollton

Shots of the Carrollton water tower, welcome sign, and the visitor’s bureau filled with ducks.

City of Dalton

Various shots of Dalton buildings and signs. Exterior and establishing shots of the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center.

Inside the Career Fair

Various shots of students entering and moving about the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center. Time-lapse clips of the fair and shots of selected booths including, Shaw and Home Depot.

Inside The Wire Factory

Footage from inside of Southwire’s manufacturing facility. Various shots of large wire spools, wire being pulled through machines in extreme temperatures, and wire/cable in other stages of...

Shaw Facility Tour

Interior and exterior footage of the Shaw Facility.

Southwire Campus

Establishing shots of the Southwire Building, including the front and side entrances.

Southwire EA Jeopardy Game

Southwire’s engineering academy students playing a group game of Jeopardy.

Southwire Interior

Various shots of Southwire signs throughout the building. Wall paintings and quotes, photographs, glass displays.

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