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Adult Swim

Exterior shots of the Turner Buildings, the Adult Swim graphic fence, midtown traffic, and street signs. Interior shots of the Adult Swim building, including interesting animal statues, dolls, signs...

Aquarium Labs

Footage of the diagnostic and water quality lab, and the veterinary lab.

Aquarium Staff

Footage of Aquarium employees, including an aquarist, audio/visual specialist, and a dive master.

Cartoon Network

Interior shots of the Cartoon Network section of the Turner building. Shots include the lobby, elevators, CN logos and characters, employee workspaces, and animators drawing in their offices.

CDC Campus

Establishing shots of the CDC front entrance sign. Interior shots of the information center-library and miniature model of the entire CDC campus.

CDC Museum

A ton of footage from within the CDC museum, including photos and exhibits that focus on public health and the history of CDC.

Coke Bottles and Exteriors

Exterior shots of the Coca Cola Office building, sculptures, signs, fountains. Interior shots of the lobby with various international flags and the international Coke bottle sculptures. Promotional...

Coke Employees and Fitness Center

Various interior shots of the Coke office building, employees, employee offices, meeting rooms, café, and fitness center. Various signs promoting recycling, employee health, and inspirational...

Coke Signs and Merchandise

Interior shots of Coke’s summer promotional marketing displays, photos and graphic art of the history of the company, merchandise from the Coke Store, and using the Coke Freestyle and frozen slushy...

Control Room

Time-lapse footage of The Weather Channel control room and desk spaces. Shots of Meteorologists’ on camera, the Global Forecast Center, and employees working on graphics.

CSX Safety Engineering and Simulations

Interiors of the engineer’s computers and various logistical machines, exteriors and interiors of a train garage and warehouse, train equipment, tanks and brakes, interior of the engineer’s cockpit...

CSX Train Yard and Employees

Exteriors of the train yard with locomotives entering and leaving, signs around the train yard, guided tour of interior of conductor cockpit, employee safety exercises.

Disease Detective Camp

Footage of students taking part in various sessions of the Disease Detective Camp: in the classroom creating the questions and in the museum investigating.

Electrical Room & Stage Pit

Footage of the Fox Theaters broilers, cooling units, and electrical system.


All things evidence, including evidence tape, inside the evidence storage area, and evidence room. Footage from inside GBI’s museum.

Federal Reserve Employees

Shots of Federal Reserve employees working diligently in their respective offices.

Federal Reserve Exteriors

Establishing shots of the Federal Reserve building. Interesting low angles from the ground that shows the enormity of the building.

Federal Reserve Interior

Shots of hallways, a fancy boardroom, empty cubicles, signs, and some of the supplies the employees use on a daily basis.

Federal Reserve Museum

Shots of displays and multimedia exhibits within the Atlanta Federal Monetary Museum.

Forensic Labs

Shots of biologists working and a variety of lab equipment.

Fox Exteriors

Establishing shots of the Fabulous Fox in Midtown Atlanta.

Fox Interior

Footage of various ballrooms, hallways, and the lobby.

Fox Restoration Department

Footage from inside the Fox’s restoration department where staff is repairing or restoring a piece of furniture.

GBI Exteriors

Establishing shots of the GBI Crime Laboratory Annex, Herman Jones Memorial Forensic Science Complex, Medical Examiner Annex, and the Phil Peters Building.

Gun Lab

Various shots from inside GBI’s gun lab, including bullets, cartridge cases, and examiners.

Hartsfield Runway

Exteriors of the Kiss and Ride drop off, planes taking off and landing on the runways, driving around the runway grounds, old planes, bridges, and tunnels, radar towers, and observation towers.

Hartsfield Security

Interior shots of HJAIA signs, security offices and security computers, cameras, air traffic control software, employees offices, photos. Security employee tour of the runways, tarmacs, and...

In the Studio

Footage of a production assistant preparing the set, pedestal cameras, lights, the camera robotics control station, severe storm central area, make-up room, and the green screen studio.

In The Theatre

Footage of the balcony and orchestra levels, and the stage.

KIA Assembly Line

Interiors of cars in various states of completion on the assembly line. Robotic arms and machines assembling cars, employees assembling cars on conveyors, computers, and parts waiting for...

KIA Exteriors and Signs

Exterior shots of the factory and cargo loading areas, exterior building signs and interior safety signs, cars being inspected by employees, exterior signs of West Point, GA.

KIA Steel Stamping and Painting

Interior shots of the steel frames and parts in various stages of being molded and stamped by machines, shots of the storage of the parts in the warehouse, shots of the computers and employees...

King of Pops Kitchen 01

Footage of KOP employees preparing ingredients and making different flavors of popsicles.

King of Pops Kitchen 02

Continued…footage of KOP employees preparing ingredients and making different flavors of popsicles.

King of Pops Kitchen 03

Continued…footage of KOP employees preparing ingredients and making different flavors of popsicles.

King of Pops Marketing

Shots of KOP signage, stickers, t-shirts, carts and the designer behind the art.

Latent Prints

Footage from inside the crime lab of chemicals, tools, equipment, evidence lockers, and examiners analyzing prints.

Life Support Systems

Footage of the life support operators in the control room and shots of the pipes and pumps that filter the water.

Scuba Divers

Footage of the divers maintaining the tank and a family interacting with one of the dolphins.

Sea Environment

Shots of some of the animals in the aquarium tanks and penguins.

Six Flags Coasters-Rides

Exterior shots of the seats, roller coasters, other rides and attractions, people riding the rides.

Six Flags Employees

Interior and exterior shots of the employees at work behind their desks, out and about at the park, in conference rooms, hosting games, helping guests navigate the park, training other employees.

Six Flags EXT Buildings/GoPro

Exterior shots of the park roller coasters, rides, attractions, displays, games, ride lines, signs, turnstiles, and restaurants. Regular and fast motion shots traveling the park walkways using the...

Six Flags EXT signs Attractions

Exterior shots of the rides and roller coaster signs, health/height requirement signs, park event schedule signs, themed area decoration signs, themed maps and direction signs, event advertisements...

Six Flags Official Signs

Interior shots of official park signs, departments, offices, employee titles, and employee’s benefit posters.

Six Flags Park Guests

Exterior shots of park guests walking around the park, reading maps, watching games, standing in line for rides, riding rides and roller coasters, going through security check points, talking to...


Footage of equipment, chemicals, and a forensic biologist working with samples inside the toxicology lab.

Turner Music Library

Interior shots Turner Sports, including the TS logo, Atlanta Braves statue, and employees playing basketball, foosball, and mini-putt golf.

Turner Sports

Interior shots Turner Sports, including the TS logo, Atlanta Braves statue, and employees playing basketball, foosball, and mini-putt golf.

Turner Studios

Exterior shots of the Turner campus. Interior shots of Turner studios, including the lobby, turner channel brands/logos, post production lobby, wall paintings and photos, hallway graphic timeline...

Turner Timelapse

Timelapse footage of the drive from GPB to Turner Studios and Adult Swim. Timelapse of Turner employees coming and going during lunch.

TWC Exterior

Shots of the American flag, TWC building sign, satellite dishes, and front entrance. Time-lapse shots of clouds moving across the sky through the trees, above the building, and front entrance sign.

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