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CSX Safety Engineering and Simulations

Interiors of the engineer’s computers and various logistical machines, exteriors and interiors of a train garage and warehouse, train equipment, tanks and brakes, interior of the engineer’s cockpit...

CSX Train Yard and Employees

Exteriors of the train yard with locomotives entering and leaving, signs around the train yard, guided tour of interior of conductor cockpit, employee safety exercises.

Disease Detective Camp

Footage of students taking part in various sessions of the Disease Detective Camp: in the classroom creating the questions and in the museum investigating.

Electrical Room & Stage Pit

Footage of the Fox Theaters broilers, cooling units, and electrical system.


All things evidence, including evidence tape, inside the evidence storage area, and evidence room. Footage from inside GBI’s museum.

Federal Reserve Employees

Shots of Federal Reserve employees working diligently in their respective offices.

Federal Reserve Exteriors

Establishing shots of the Federal Reserve building. Interesting low angles from the ground that shows the enormity of the building.

Federal Reserve Interior

Shots of hallways, a fancy boardroom, empty cubicles, signs, and some of the supplies the employees use on a daily basis.

Federal Reserve Museum

Shots of displays and multimedia exhibits within the Atlanta Federal Monetary Museum.

Forensic Labs

Shots of biologists working and a variety of lab equipment.


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