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Sea Turtle Hospital

Shots of the Rehabilitation Pavilion interior where sea turtles swim inside of fiberglass tanks. Shots of the Radiology and surgical suites.

Sea Turtle Surgery

Footage from inside the rehabilitation/hospital facility where professionals treat a turtle’s wound.

Shaw Facility Tour

Interior and exterior footage of the Shaw Facility.

Six Flags Coasters-Rides

Exterior shots of the seats, roller coasters, other rides and attractions, people riding the rides.

Six Flags Employees

Interior and exterior shots of the employees at work behind their desks, out and about at the park, in conference rooms, hosting games, helping guests navigate the park, training other employees.

Six Flags EXT Buildings/GoPro

Exterior shots of the park roller coasters, rides, attractions, displays, games, ride lines, signs, turnstiles, and restaurants. Regular and fast motion shots traveling the park walkways using the...

Six Flags EXT signs Attractions

Exterior shots of the rides and roller coaster signs, health/height requirement signs, park event schedule signs, themed area decoration signs, themed maps and direction signs, event advertisements...

Six Flags Official Signs

Interior shots of official park signs, departments, offices, employee titles, and employee’s benefit posters.

Six Flags Park Guests

Exterior shots of park guests walking around the park, reading maps, watching games, standing in line for rides, riding rides and roller coasters, going through security check points, talking to...

Skidaway State Park

Exterior shots of the State Park Sign. Interior shots of wildlife, bones, and taxidermy displays in nature center, employees and Fast Forward Team members handling wildlife. Exteriors of the park...


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