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Now that school is behind us, for eight weeks anyways, what will you do with your children this summer? We all are searching for ways to entertain and educate our kids during the summer months. Parents should not let kids become idle, but encourage reading. This will not only increase their knowledge, but it will keep that educational vibe going throughout the break. Parents should require kids to read 20 - 30 minutes daily.

PBS Kids-Raising Readers community challenge begins June 6th! Parents can register for this summer challenge at Angela C. Santomero-creator and executive producer of the break-through children’s series Super Why! - will serve as your expert coach for this challenge. Other resources will include daily emails with fun ideas and assignments; 24/7 support from your coach and other parents; book suggestions; and free downloads and a chance to win daily prizes.

Kids can also log on to GPB Kids to play fun-filled games and watch interactive videos that will increase basic math and reading skills. Professor Ridley will take you on an adventurous ride to meet some of his dinosaur friends. Plus, Slangman from Slangman’s World offers fun ways to learn other languages such as French, German and Spanish. Children can also strengthen skills by watching their favorite characters daily on GPB or 24/7 on GPB Kids!

Others Ways to Encourage Reading:

  • Create your very own book club with friends and family
  • Reward with fun incentives like a special dinner, extended computer or television time
  • Read online for things to do on vacation
  • Read with your child o Let your child see you reading
  • Encourage children to mix up book choices
  • Make regular visits to your local library
  • Add a book review to “family night”