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Georgia Studies Digital Textbook - Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia Studies Digital Textbook
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the textbook?
The digital textbook is an app and, as all apps occasionally do, it will need to be updated. Typically, this is done with a little curved arrow button next to the word "Update" under the image for each unit. It's very obvious when this happens. If you opt not to download the updates (which typically take only a few seconds), the units will continue working normally, just without updated information and resources.

If you downloaded the textbook units before April 2014, download the new version to capture updates! If you have the latest version, the app will tell you. Under the Unit name, it should read "Latest Version." You may want to delete the old versions to save space.

Why do I have to update the digital textbook?
Updates to the textbook may include more and/ or new images and photos, interactive graphics, games, videos (many coming very soon!), or updated content. We're getting a lot of valuable feedback from teachers and students and are working diligently to implement your changes and requests for new materials.

Is the textbook free?
Yes. The app is free and there are no in-app purchases. It's totally free.

The GPB app is free… why is iTunes asking for a valid form of payment?
iTunes requires all accounts to have a valid form of payment -- even for downloading free applications.

Is there a tutorial for the digital textbook?
You bet there is! You can view a recorded training at anytime. Our Content Producer, Rosemary Jean-Louis, walks you through the process from downloading the digital textbook through its many special features, including the virtual field trip.

How do I download the textbook?


For the iPad version, you'll need to fill out this form. When you complete that, we'll send an email with a username and password and further instructions. In the meantime, download the GPB app from the iTunes app store.

I have a username and password for the iPad version download. Now what?
Open the GPB app on your iPad. In the top right-hand corner, tap "Sign in" and enter the username and password you received in your email after filling out the registration form. Once you are signed in, tap each unit in turn to download units to your iPad.

Kindle Version to Computer

Can I look at the Kindle* version of the Georgia Studies Digital Textbook on my Mac or PC?
Yes, Amazon provides both PC and Mac versions of the Kindle view that can be downloaded from Amazon. Once you have the Kindle app on your computer, follow this link to the Kindle version and open with the Kindle application.

Kindle Version to Android

First, be sure that you have the Kindle app downloaded to your device. Once you have the Kindle app on your device, follow this link to the Kindle version and open with the Kindle application. If that isn't working, use your device's File Manager to move the downloaded file into the "Kindle" folder OR connect your device to a computer using the USB cable and move the downloaded file from your computer to the "Kindle" folder on your Android tablet.

Can I look at the interactive iPad edition of the Georgia Studies Digital Textbook on my Mac or PC?
No, currently the interactive version for iPad is only available on Apple iPad devices through the GPB app.

How do I register my students for the textbook?
Use your login on student iPads to download the units, but do not give them your login! You (teacher/ technology director) will login in to the GPB app on student devices, download the units, then LOGOUT, and hand the device back to the student. We are prepping a teacher's edition that you will not want students to see. See the Kindle instructions above for Android devices.

Is there a teacher's edition?
Teacher’s materials are available. If you require these materials please fill out the registration form and cite that you require materials. Teacher materials will only be sent to school addresses. If you are a homeschool educator we may require a letter of intent.

Why do I get a message saying "Unable to Download Folio?"
You need to be connected to the web when you download the folios. Be sure you're connected to wireless internet and try again.
That didn't help. Now what?
You may not have enough storage to have the entire book on your device at once. Photos and videos take up a lot of storage on your device, so be sure you've cleaned out what you don't need. You can also take off apps you don't use. If you don't want to take anything off of your device, then your solution is to only download the units you need for that time.

Do I have to be signed in to the app to view the textbook?
No. You do have to sign in to the app in order to download or update the units. However, once they are downloaded, use the Library tab on the app to view all downloaded units.

Is it required to download the units to my iPad in order to view them?
Yes, units must be downloaded to your device before viewing.

How do I remove units from my iPad?
Open the GPB app. Select the "Library" tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the cog in the top, right-hand corner of the screen and select "Remove Issues from iPad." Tap the issues you would like to remove and then tap "Remove" in the top, right-hand corner.

Don't worry. You can download them again later.

*The Kindle version does not have the extra features that are in the iPad version. The Kindle version is an e-reader textbook.