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GPB Digital Education Survey and Contest Results

Congratulations to the 100 Georgia Educators who won gift cards in our special drawing after completing the GPB Digital Education Survey!

When we asked for your feedback and comments about GPB Digital Education, hundreds of you responded.

The feedback was wonderful and appreciated. While we can't share them all, here is what some of the winners are saying:

"I use it to find answers to questions, to show actual events happening, to reinforce learning of information and to generate further questions."M. Young, Feldwood Elementary

"There are so many valuable sites and information available on the site that it is hard to select just one."M. Walton, Terrell High School

"It is engaging to students who have grown up in a media rich environment."C. Turner, Hayes Intermediate School

"Thank you for allowing us to use this site. I love the variety and the thousands of video clips to choose from. I loved the clips on Africa. They were so beautiful and vivid. I also love the fact that they are updated often with the changing times. Thank you for that."J. Titus, Landmark Christian School

"I love being able to download a short video clip that is right on target of a standard I'm teaching. It is a great hook for the students and gives them visual information in a short amount of time."J. Stephen, Nicholson Elementary School

"The range of videos is amazing! There was always something that went along with our science AKS."A. Riker, Puckett’s Mill Elementary School

"I used it in almost all my classes. I incorporated the videos as a pre-teach strategy and/or to develop their vocabulary, and/or to build background knowledge."G. Ratcliff, Antioch Elementary School

"GPB Digital Education provides fast access to a multitude of educational resources. The vast variety of topics are endless and at your fingertips via the internet. I use GPB Digital Education in all subject areas to preview, enrich, and remediate students with topics on related subject matters."D. Pullen, Calhoun Primary School