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GPB Education Newsletter

Monthly newsletter keeps you up-to-date with the latest education offerings from GPB.

The GPB Education Newsletter goes out monthly to thousands of Georgia teachers. Filled with announcements and articles of interest to educators, the newsletter is available by signing up on the GPB Education website.

GPB Family Blog

Blog for Georgia's families.

The GPB Family Blog has timely and interesting posts about families and children in Georgia.

Passion for Learning

Education blog for Georgia teachers.

The Passion for Learning Blog provides commentary on a variety of education topics relevant to the Georgia learning community. Written by GPB Education and New Media staff members the blog is filled with fun, interesting and thought provoking posts.

Southern Education Desk

In-depth education reporting from all around the southeast.

The Southern Education Desk is a consortium of public media stations in five Southern states (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee) committed to exploring the challenges and opportunities confronting education in the southern United States in the 21st century. The mission of the Southern Education Desk is to be the place where people come to find useful, practical information on education; a clearinghouse for resources and research, as well as a forum for participation in a reasoned discussion on the challenges of education in the southern United States.