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Chemistry & Physics

Comprehensive chemistry and physics instruction for high school students.

Chemistry & Physics consists of two series teaching high school college preparatory chemistry and physics. Chemistry: A Study of Matter and Physics Fundamentals provides instructional content delivered through thirty-minute episodes and integrated classroom materials. Episodes provide content while giving cues for the classroom teacher to pause the program and interact with students, engaging them in discussions, problem-solving, and laboratory activities. The website includes the episodes streamed on demand, note taking guides and worksheets. A CD of Teacher Materials is available to Georgia educators upon request.

Discovery Education

Online portal of standards-aligned content licensed by GPB for Georgia teachers. Requires login.

Discovery Education is licensed by GPB for Georgia educators. The online digital library is filled with engaging rich media across all curriculum areas. Designed to support multiple learning modalities with content that is easy to integrate, aligned to standards, and always current. Login is required.

Fast Forward

New video series that promotes STEM jobs in Georgia and some things you need to do to get one.

FAST FORWARD is an original production of GPB Media in partnership with the Governor’s Office and the Georgia Department of Education. The series consists of video segments that present Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (the STEM curriculum) concepts in a fun, entertaining and informative way by demonstrating how employees in businesses and organizations across the state are applying the topic matter in their jobs. The website includes the episodes streaming on demand, teachable moments and a link to the production blog.

Georgia Stories

Videos and educator resources that support the teaching of Georgia Studies.

Georgia Stories consists of streaming videos, educator resources, and primary source materials that support the teaching of 8th grade Georgia Studies. The materials are correlated to the Georgia Performance Standards and are searchable by the standard. The educator resources include focus questions, vocabulary words, activity suggestions and primary source materials. There are also links to related websites.


Emmy-award winning Japanese language and culture instruction for high school students.

Irasshai teaches Japanese language and culture skills to high school and college students and adult learners and professionals. The 138 Irasshai video lessons are introduced Dr. Tim Cook, an Emmy award-winning instructor. The lessons take students on a personal journey where Japanese is spoken. Sometimes it’s predictable – inside a Japanese home or a Tokyo office building. Sometimes it’s less so – a sushi bar in Atlanta, a fishing hole in the Appalachians. The website includes online video lessons and supplemental materials and activities. Textbook, workbooks and teachers' guides are available from and

PBS Learning Media

Huge online portal of standards-aligned content licensed by GPB for Georgia teachers. Requires login.

PBS LearningMedia™ is the go-to destination for instant access to tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more! You can search, save, and share with ease. Best of all, PBS LearningMedia is free for educators.

Road Trip

Fictional series for high school kids about the benefits of staying in school.

Road Trip is a production of The Technical College System of Georgia, in association with the national Stay-in-School initiative. The series consists of twelve 30-minute episodes that focuses on dropout prevention. Each episode features a story line that follows two career counselors at the fictitious Callaway High School as they attempt to slow their county's alarming dropout rate and expose their students the rewards of education by taking them on visits to Georgia's technical colleges.


Football and basketball games and championships, scores, standings, news, blogs and more.

GPB covers Georgia High School sports from around the state. Our coverage includes football and basketball games, championship tournaments, scores, standings, and news.

Stop the Drop

Winning videos from the contest for high school students to produce videos to promote dropout prevention.

Stop the Drop is an initiative focusing on dropout prevention. These videos are the winning entries produced by High School students that raise awareness of the dropout crisis from the student point of view.

Today in Georgia History

Short Georgia history videos for every day of the year.

Today in Georgia History is a joint collaboration of the Georgia Historical Society & Georgia Public Broadcasting. The short videos focus on events and people that shaped the State of Georgia. In addition to the videos, the website has resources that include the text of the videos, vocabulary words, daily activities and suggestions for further reading about the topic. The videos are searchable by time period, and include an audio only version.


Personal accounts of WWII from Georgian's who lived through it.

GPB’s World War II Veterans Oral History Project presents the story of World War II through the personal accounts of men and women from Georgia whose lives were touched by the war. Through letters, photographs, and full-length video interviews, the project makes the experiences of Georgia’s “greatest generation” available for generations to come. The individual stories are searchable by theater of operation and by names of the contributors.