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Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina's life revolves around music, dance, friendship and following her dreams.

Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps celebrates music and brings to life many forms of dance for Angelina including ballet, modern, tap, jazz, classical and ethnic. As an 8-year-old ballerina, her life revolves around dancing and performance, family, friendship and following her dreams. Angelina always works hard to reach her goals and learns from her mistakes. As young children share in Angelina’s experiences, they’re inspired to go after their big dreams too! This series teaches character education and an appreciation of the arts.


Arthur the aardvark explore issues faced by real kids.

Based on the children's books by Marc Brown, the program's goal is to help foster an interest in reading and writing, and to encourage positive social skills. The show chronicles the adventures of Arthur (an eight-year-old aardvark) through engaging, emotional stories that explore issues faced by real kids. It is a comedy that tells these stories from a kid's point of view without moralizing or talking down. Situations on ARTHUR develop in realistic ways, and don't always turn out as we -- or Arthur and his friends -- might expect.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Clifford and his pals play and discover that good friends are what life is all about.

Designed for children ages 3-7, the animated television series is based on the books of the same name and uses classic storytelling to present universal social, emotional, and moral messages to young children. Clifford's Big Ideas are positive character traits modeled by the characters in the Clifford the Big Red Dog series. These ten ideas represent social and emotional challenges that children face and must master in the course of development. Each episode supports one or more of these Ideas through classic storytelling, and concludes with a one-minute vignette featuring Clifford and his friends modeling (or learning to model!) one of these ten Big Ideas/Ideas To Grow On.

Count On It

Puppets Blossom and Snappy love finding math in everday situations. Includes videos and games.

Count On It! is a fun and innovative way to teach children mathematics. This video series features two puppets, Blossom and Snappy, who love finding math in everyday situations. Blossom and Snappy can be found shopping, baking, event planning, decorating and visiting attractions. The website contains lesson plans, activity ideas, and interactive games.


Play games with Georgia's famous animated paleontologist Professor Ridley.

DinoVentures is a series of fun, interactive games with GPB's resident paleontologist, Professor Ridley, as your guide. Children enter the museum and choose from a variety of educational experiences learning about colors, shapes and playing matching and puzzle games.

Discovery Education

Online portal of standards-aligned content licensed by GPB for Georgia teachers. Requires login.

Discovery Education is licensed by GPB for Georgia educators. The online digital library is filled with engaging rich media across all curriculum areas. Designed to support multiple learning modalities with content that is easy to integrate, aligned to standards, and always current. Login is required.

Electric Company

New version of classic program filtering literacy goals through pop culture.

The Electric Company aims to entertain children between the ages of 6 and 9 while simultaneously teaching four crucial areas of literacy that are challenging for struggling readers: Decoding-Children will increase their ability to manipulate sounds in spoken words and map those words to print; Vocabulary-Children will expand the amount of words (vocabulary) that they use and understand; Comprehension of Connected Text-Children will learn strategies that good readers use to understand connected text (phrases and sentences); Motivation-Children will be motivated to read connected text and express themselves using text.

Fast Forward Launchpad

Re-edited versions of Fast-Forward episodes aimed at elementary level learners.

Launch Pad is the edited version of FAST FORWARD for elementary learners. FAST FORWARD is an original production of GPB Media in partnership with the Governor’s Office and the Georgia Department of Education. The series consists of video segments that present Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (the STEM curriculum) concepts in a fun, entertaining and informative way by demonstrating how employees in businesses and organizations across the state are applying the topic matter in their jobs.

Georgia Read More

Famous Georgia personalities read classic children's books.

Georgia Read More is a literacy program created by the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Public Broadcasting, aimed at encouraging children to read. The program presents a video series of children's story books read by Georgian celebrities, authors and politicians, including President Jimmy Carter, Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz and country singer Travis Tritt among others. Each book is presented in English, Spanish and subtitled versions.

Georgia Stories

Videos and educator resources that support the teaching of Georgia Studies.

Georgia Stories consists of streaming videos, educator resources, and primary source materials that support the teaching of 8th grade Georgia Studies. The materials are correlated to the Georgia Performance Standards and are searchable by the standard. The educator resources include focus questions, vocabulary words, activity suggestions and primary source materials. There are also links to related websites.

Green Tree Frog

Animated feature, based on a true story, about how a bill becomes a law in Georgia.

The Green Tree Frog: How a Bill Becomes a Law is an animated short film inspired by the true story of how a Georgia fourth grade class proposed the green tree frog become the Georgia State Amphibian. Created and produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting, the film is intended to be used as supplemental material for eighth grade social studies. This video supports Georgia Performance Standard SS8CG2c, and an educator resource guide is available for download.

Hey Wordy

Introduction to international languages and cultures.

HEY WORDY! delights children by combining education and entertainment to teach kids foreign words, phrases, and cultures through live action, animation, original songs, & magic. HEY WORDY! is Blue’s Clues meets Dr. Seuss with a foreign language learning twist. Dabblebee Dunn, the host of HEY WORDY!, is a quirky wizard, fun-loving inventor, and wordsmith. He inhabits a world up in the clouds where we encounter crazy contraptions, magical adventures, and whimsical animated characters. HEY WORDY! is designed to keep your children’s attention while teaching them useful words and phrases from around the world.

Laughing Pizza

Groovy family promotes social skills through song.

Laughing Pizza is a real family band that makes original pop music for kids and their parents. Dad, Billy, and mom, Lisa combine their skills as award winning song-writers (#1 Billboard Dance Hit, TV show Big Bag, Olsen Twins, etc.); classically trained musicians (Juilliard, Berklee) and teachers; with their multi-instrumentalist daughter, Emily to create fun, inspiring music for the whole family.

Mr. Greg's Musical Madness

Mr. Greg introduces young children to the elements of music.

Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness is a series of educational music videos that cover themes such as Environmental Awareness, Kindness and Respect, Physical Fitness, and Basic Bilingual Skills. These fun Parents’ Choice Award-winning videos are appropriate for children aged 1-8.

PBS Kids Video

Online kids videos from PBS.

PBS KIDS VIDEO features more than 1,000 videos from top PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! television series. Included are videos from Curious George, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, SUPER WHY!, Sesame Street, Wild Kratts, and many more. Videos are searchable by title and topic.

PBS Learning Media

Huge online portal of standards-aligned content licensed by GPB for Georgia teachers. Requires login.

PBS LearningMedia™ is the go-to destination for instant access to tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more! You can search, save, and share with ease. Best of all, PBS LearningMedia is free for educators.


Spanish language instruction for young learners.

SALSA is Georgia Public Broadcasting's award-winning Spanish language series for young learners in kindergarten through the third grade. Puppets in familiar stories, digital graphics and animation teach the language. There are 42 video lessons in the Salsa series. There are also fun interactive Salsa games for students to play. Instructors do not need to be certified to teach a foreign language or be familiar with Spanish in order to use Salsa. It can be used in the classroom and homeschools and by anyone interested in teaching young children to speak Spanish. Each video lesson is preceded by a staff development component that acquaints the instructor with the content and the objectives of the lesson, reviews all vocabulary words and demonstrates the correct pronunciation of all Spanish words included in the lesson. Play online at

Virtual Field Trips

Take a tour of Georgia with standards-based virtual field trips

GPB is traveling all over Georgia to bring our state's rich history and culture to teachers and students. We are creating virtual, interactive field trips highlighting important Georgia locations, like the Native American Indian Mounds, Providence Canyon, the Chieftains Museum, the Little White House in Warm Springs, and many more. Over the next two years, GPB will work with the most knowledgeable and engaging historians and tour guides throughout the state to create virtual field trips of consistently high quality. Each field trip brings the location to life with interviews, 360-degree panoramic photography, interactive elements, discussion prompts, and videos. Teachers will be able help students explore these historic locations by accessing the virtual field trips through the web and tablets. The field trips also align with the Georgia Performance Standards for 8th grade social studies, as well as the content from GPB’s Georgia Studies Digital Textbook. You will need a login and password to access this content. Click to sign up.

Wild Kratts

Animals can take you anywhere in science!

Wild Kratts joins the adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure as the duo travels to animal habitats around the globe. Each adventure explores an age-appropriate science concept central to an animal's life and showcases a rarely seen wildlife moment, all wrapped up in engaging stories of adventure, mystery, rescue, and the Kratt brothers' brand of laugh-out-loud-comedy that kids love. The educational goals of Wild Kratts are to: teach six to eight-year-old viewers natural history and age-appropriate science by building on their natural interest in animals; develop and strengthen basic skills of observation and investigation that children will use increasingly as they continue their study of science; build excitement in science that will remain with them throughout their lives.


WordGirl possesses superhero strength with the added benefit of a colossal vocabulary.

WordGirl is a funny show that aims to enrich children’s vocabularies and close the gap between those who don’t grow up in language rich environments and those who do. Having a large and varied vocabulary is empowering. Being able to select appropriate words enables kids to speak more articulately and write more clearly. Understanding the meaning of words is essential to aural and reading comprehension. WordGirl provides the model of a superhero who values words and recognizes the power of language to help save the day.