Resources by Level

GPB helps expand the world of the Pre-K and Kindergarten aged child. Here you will find everything from PBS Kids Videos to interactive learning games like Dinoventures and Count On It. Children can learn about music from Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness to math and word basics in Readeez and Matheez and an introduction to Spanish language with Salsa.
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Young learners will find a treasure trove of programs ranging from the Georgia Read More program where prominent Georgians read children’s books, to Launchpad, which explores STEM, related career-learning pathways for children. Children can play in Hey Wordy! learning about foreign languages and cultures or practice their Spanish skills with the interactive Salsa games.
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Social Studies is the focus of GPB’s Middle School programs. With programs like Georgia Stories and Today in Georgia History students will learn about the economic and cultural history of our state. To understand how a bill becomes a law, students can use The Green Tree Frog video to learn what it takes for an idea to become a legislative reality.
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Graduation is a featured topic in the programs from GPB aimed at the High School student. Road Trip and Stop the Drop focus on High School graduation from a student perspective. Fast Forward takes students through STEM related career paths by showing how these subjects are used in the real working world. Stand-alone science courses in Physics and Chemistry are also available.
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Educator professional development opportunities are found here that can be taken for PLU credits. Included here are links to the Georgia Department of Education Common Core Trainings, PBS TeacherLine Southeast online learning and the Discovery Educators Network (DEN) community.
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