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How to Logon to PBS Learning Media

How to Logon to PBS LearningMedia™

PBS Learning Media Ready to login? Start here:


GPB New Media and Education is pleased to offer PBS LearningMedia™ to Georgia Educators

PBS LearningMedia™ is a destination that brings the best of public media content to one digital library. Thousands of classroom-ready content includes videos, audio clips, games, images, lesson plans and professional development videos. Resources are aligned to the Common Core and national standards and are compatible with smartboards. Educators can save, share and download content for free. It can be browsed by standards, grade level, subject area, special collections and media type.

Content once found on PBS Teachers and Teachers’ Domain can now be easily accessed on PBS LearningMedia™ as the two services have merged.

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To gain access to PBS LearningMedia™:

1.)Create a new account by navigating to:
2.) Click on the word signup.
3.)Fill out the registration form by typing in your first name, last name and email addresses. Type in your email address again to confirm..
A.) Type in your password, then type it in again to confirm. (Note* Your password must be between 8-90 characters. Provide a mix of numbers and letters to increase the security of your password. ).
B.)Type in your zip code.
C.)Click the checkbox verifying that you have read and understand the privacy policy and terms of use.
D.)Click register.
E.)Click on the Keep me Logged in checkbox so PBS LearningMedia™ will remember your username and password. Hit enter.
-A popup message will appear informing you that you are being redirected to the PBS LearningMedia™ site that corresponds with the postal code you entered when you registered.
− Your profile information appears with specific fields auto-populated. Click the User role dropdown menu and click the role that best describes how you will be using PBS LearningMedia™ .
-Click the Select a School dropdown menu and click the name of the school to which you want to localize. Then hit submit.

*What if my school doesn't appear in the dropdown list? If you do not see your school in the dropdown list, click the Feedback link in the lefthand navigation menu on this page and report it. The list of schools is provided by an outside vendor and we cannot guarantee all schools will be included immediately.

Using Your Teacher’s Domain Login:

If you use Teacher’s Domain, you may use your same username and password from Teacher’s Domain to login to PBS LearningMedia™ . You will still need to fill out the registration form fields and hit submit.

Got questions? Contact us at: 1-888-501-8960.