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Net-Q DEEM Teacher Mentor Training Real World Case Mentor Professional Knowledge

Real World Case: Mentor Professional Knowledge:
Understanding Content, Standards, and Assessment

Paige is an enthusiastic, first year 5th grade teacher. She is excited about sharing her upcoming social studies lesson with her mentor Aiden. When Paige student taught in 4th grade, she observed her cooperating teacher as she conducted a lesson on pollution and made a mental note to try this with her own class.

Paige explained she would begin with a short video on pollution. Next, the students would use the internet and books from the school library to research the effects of pollution. They would work in groups of three and choose to do a brochure, a poster or a commercial to present the information found.

During the conversation, Aiden asks Paige which specific learning standard she was addressing. Paige stated that she hadn’t checked the social studies curriculum guide but she knew this would be a great cooperative learning activity for her students and that it also fits in with Earth Day that is coming up next month.

Aiden also asked about Paige’s assessment and whether she had considered her ELL students who may have difficulty with some of the reading material. This conversation forced Paige to reflect on her knowledge of grade level standards and her purpose for conducting this lesson with her 5th grade students.

Cycle 1: Knowledge of Standards

Module objective:
This module will support mentors in examining subject matter and grade level standards. The participants will also examine differentiated and multicultural instruction. Using the Common Core State Standards, participants will design a lesson for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Response/Initial thought questions

1. As you watched the reality case video, what did you notice?

2. As a mentor, where would you begin with supporting Paige?

3. What questions should a new teacher ask herself as they relate to unit/lesson planning and instruction?