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Net Q DEEM Teacher Mentor Training

Net Q DEEM Teacher Mentor Training

The Net-Q mentor training modules are web-based instructional resources that provide professional development for teachers who desire to become new teacher mentors. These digital modules are available nationally and contain excellent resources for facilitated learning for mentors spanning a variety of relevant topics. District leaders, teacher preparation programs, and K-12 school staff can use the digital modules as they facilitate training programs.

In this site you will find the following:

  1. Listing of the module topics
  2. Facilitator’s Guides
  3. Resource Guides
  4. Podcast segments from the following experts:

Dr. Betty Achinstein discusses teacher induction and mentoring. She shares with participants who should serve as mentors as well as what types of training mentors should receive. Dr. Achinstein further discusses the cultural and linguistic diversity of student populations in U.S. schools and what mentors should know and be able to do to mentor for diversity and equity.

Dr. Steven Athanasas discusses key qualities new teacher mentors should posses. He also discusses strategies for infusing cultural content into the curriculum and explains what new teachers should think about when working with culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Dr. Nancy Dana discusses strategies to support new teachers in developing teaching efficacy and how teacher identity influences decision making in classroom teaching practices.

Dr. Renee Clift shares concerns beginning teachers bring with them to the classroom. She also discusses how new teachers are socialized into the field of education and how they ultimately become acclimated to our profession.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilkins shares insight on ways mentors can develop a trusting relationship with their mentee as well as strategies for giving feedback after classroom observations. Dr. Wilkins also explains ways mentors can support new teachers in becoming more reflective about their practice while focusing on student achievement.