The Module Topics are:

Each module begins with a video vignette highlighting authentic issues faced by mentors working with new teachers as they begin their teaching careers. The videos are then connected to discussion questions and research publications in addition to video and podcast segments featuring national experts. Objectives for each module are outlined and aligned with these objectives are review activities to support participants in mastering and applying their new knowledge.

How to Use the Module Pages (Download the instructions as a pdf.)

When you're ready to begin, click on the individual module topic links above. Once you are on the modules topic page you chose, click the Reality section of the cycle. The Reality section features a short vignette that involves a realistic scenario focusing on an issue or problem that mentors and the beginning teachers they support may face. The Reality establishes the framework of the information presented throughout the rest of the module.

When you're finished viewing the Reality vignette, click on the Reflection section of the cycle. These questions activate participants’ background knowledge and encourages you to explore and reflect on what you currently know or believe about the information presented in the Reality section.

After completing the Reflection, click on the Resources section of the cycle. This section contains readings, video segments, podcast interviews and activities which allow you to actively engage in learning the content material for each topic.

Once you have completed the reading and activities in the Resource section, click the Review section. This section offers you an opportunity to apply what you have learned and to evaluate any areas you may need to study further. When answering the questions in this section, you are encouraged to refer back to the Resources section to review the information if necessary.

Upon completing the Review section, click on the Reflection section of the cycle. This is a summary of the Resources pages and may include text, video or podcast segments. At the end of the Reflection, you will have an opportunity to revisit your responses to the Initial Thought questions and to assess your understanding of the module's content.