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It's My Constitution

It's My Constitution!

“It's My Constitution” is a lively, educational video that provides an entertaining overview of this founding document, and its importance to us today. Through a lively discussion, Travis, Christiana and Michael Loudermilk uncover the true intent of our Constitution, clarify some common misunderstandings and reveal its relevance to us today. Their father, Georgia Senator Barry Loudermilk, chimes in to provide insights into some of the key
provisions of the Constitution.

“It's my Constitution” is a joint effort by the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia State Senator Barry Loudermilk and family, in recognition of the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. We highly recommend that classrooms everywhere present this video as not only a way to teach the Constitution, but also to honor those who have sacrificed to give us a land that is free.

Need Constitution Resources for Constitution Day? Check this out!

Constitution Day

Constitution Day, celebrated on September 17, the day the constitution was signed, is the day designated for educators to teach students about the constitution and citizenship. Many have spread out the subject to a week.

Here are resources to make the constitution personal and let students know that it’s their constitution too!

  • Constitution Day Lesson Plans - From - Here are a series of lesson plans on the subject.

  • WebQuests - Games that put students’ in the shoes of lawmakers. Try out Civic Heroism and Being President.

  • Constitution Day K-12 Lessons - Here are lessons for every grade.

  • National Archives Simulation Game - Imagine how the 39 delegates would have felt.

  • National Archives - Teaching with Documents