Georgia Partnership For Excellence in Education Fifth Annual Media Symposium

The Partnership held its fifth annual Media Symposium at Georgia Public Broadcasting Friday, January 14 where it presented its report to subject matter experts and members of the media and engaged in constructive discussions.

The video report is broken into three sessions.

Session I
Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2011 - Susan Walker, Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
Georgia's Public Education System - A Status Report - Dr. John Barge, State Superintendent of Schools

Session II
Striding Toward Excellence - Georgia's Race to the Top - Erin Hames, Governor's Office and Teresa MacCartney, Georgia Department of Education
Keeping Count - Graduation Rate Calculations - Sue Derison, Forsyth County Schools

Session III
Georgia Department of Education Update - Matt Cardoza, Communications Director
The Teachers' Perspective - Pam Williams, Georgia's 2011 Teacher of the Year
School Funding: Fundamentals & Forecasts - David Sjoquist, Georgia State University and Angela Palm, Georgia School Boards Association
Under the Gold Dome - Legislator Panel - Rep. Margaret Kaiser (D), member of the House Education Committee, and Sen. Fran Millar (R), Chairman of the Senate Education and Youth Committee

GPEE's (Georgia Partnership For Excellence in Education's) "Top 10 Issues to Watch in 2011"

GPEE 10 Issues to watch iconWhat must Georgia do to become a national leader in education? The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education explores the answers to that question in its annual "Top 10 Issues to Watch in 2011." Among the topics the report considers:

  • Georgia's New Leaders: Where Will They Take Us?
  • Continuing Our Race To Top
  • Early Learning: Quality And Access For Our Children

(Download the full report here.)