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EcoSense for Living

EcoSense for Living

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EcoSense for Living looks at fresh ways to be eco-aware. From making your home energy-efficient to how to avoid “Nature Deficit Disorder”, Host & Executive Producer Jennie Garlington explores how to live an eco-sensible life. Each show in the EcoSense for Living half-hour series takes a big environmental concept and relates it to everyday life.

EcoSense for Living - Episode 1 - Everyday Ways to Save

The first program in the EcoSense series features nationally syndicated radio host and consumer advocate, Clark Howard, and profiles the simple changes he’s made in his own house to save on his energy bills. In the second segment, an urban couple in an older home is amazed at the results of their whole house energy audit. The third segment takes us behind the scenes at a grocery store for a look at how the decisions we make at the checkout affect the planet. Find out more.

EcoSense for Living - Episode 2 - Children & Nature

Remember how kids used to play outside every day, running through the neighborhood until sunset? In this episode of EcoSense for Living, we explore “Nature Deficit Disorder,” a term coined by Richard Louv (author, Last Child in the Woods), to describe the physical, mental, and emotional effects that children suffer when they lose contact with nature. Louv pinpoints how we came to be a nation separated from the natural world and how we can reverse it. We hike deep into the mountains with psychologist, Dr. David Busch, who uses nature therapy to treat kids with ADD and ADHD. Find out more.

EcoSense for Living - Episode 3 - Green Jobs

The Big (Green) Easy – In post-Katrina New Orleans, the LAGC becomes a shining example to the rest of the country and shows us the real-life results of green job training. At-risk young people get hands-on training on how to fortify and weatherize homes and buildings, then spread their new green skills throughout The Big Easy. Find out more.

EcoSense for Living - Episode 4 - Green Buildings

Green buildings come in all shapes and sizes. In this episode of EcoSense for Living, we visit 3 very different LEED certified spaces. Find out more.

EcoSense for Living - Episode 5

In this episode, we explore makeovers that matter: getting rid of toxins in and on our bodies. Bestselling author, Dr. Andrew Weil, tells us how to keep healthy by making smart diet & nutrition choices and knowing what food labels really say. Director of Environmental Working Group, Ken Cook, shares some surprising tidbits about chemicals in everyday body products. A boy with Autism makes amazing progress with help from Shauna K. Young, PhD, through a manganese-free diet and elimination of food additives. Environmentalist Laurie David gives us her take on how the overuse of antibiotics on farm animals makes us more susceptible to disease and sickness, and what we can do about it.

EcoSense for Living - Episode 6 - Environmental Home Makeover

Many of us think of our homes as safe havens, but you may be surprised to learn how many toxins are hiding in common household products. In this episode of EcoSense for Living, we discover potentially harmful chemical ingredients in and around our homes and do a makeover inside our chemical-laden cabinets. Environmental experts including Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Andrew Weil, Ken Cook and Laurie David explain why harmful ingredients are in our products, how we can avoid or replace them, and what actions we can take to make sure we have a "Home, Safe Home."