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How to Logon to Discovery Education


Discovery Education Ready to login? Start here:


GPB Education is proud to provide Georgia educators with the key to unlocking a world of learning.

GPB partners with Discovery Education to provide a web-based library of digital resources. Available to all Georgia educators, Discovery Streaming Plus is a K-12 digital library of resources that seamlessly integrate standards-based content into lessons. From core-curriculum subjects to health and guidance, there’s something for every student and every grade level.

In the Discovery Education portal you will find lesson plans, interactive world atlas and calendar, thematic focus units and a huge library of videos, images, sound effects, reference materials, clip art, games and much more.

Additionally, there are self-paced tutorials on how to integrate these materials in a variety of delivery platforms.

Forgot your password?
Reset your password here.

To obtain access to Discovery Streaming Plus:

1. Email your school and contact information to:
2. Once we have received your email we will reply with a passcode that can be shared with your facility’s faculty.
3. Once you have received your passcode go to:
4. Look for the OUTSIDE RESOURCES section on the left side bar.
5. Click on Discovery Eduction and you will be taken to a login page.
6. Enter your eight-character passcode into the “Pass-code/New User” section.
7. Create your own username and password by completing the template.
8. Log in with your username and password.
9. Search for videos, images, animations, audio files and much, much more!

Questions? Call 1-800-323-9084