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Civil War Apps and Timelines

Civil War Apps and Timelines

Civil War Technology and Communication


The Georgia Historical Society released an iPhone application that allows people to tour historical sites. Open it any place in Georgia and it gives users directions to any historical location nearby. This app is a great way to discover new civil war sites and the stories behind them.

150 years ago, there were no smartphone apps, blogs or social networks to help people find out where battles were taking place and what was going on. The newspaper was one of the main forms of communication. Newspaper reports were often troublesome because they were sometimes conflicting.

Take this lesson on how to draft accurate Georgia Civil War news articles.

Tracking the Impact of the Civil War on the Peach State

Did you know that March 9 marked the 150th anniversary of federal troops occupying Jekyll island during the conflict? To analyze and track the impact of the war on Georgia, we recommend these helpful materials: