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Biz Kids

Biz Kid$ - Financial Literacy for Kids

Biz Kid$ is the fun, fast-paced public television series where kids teach kids about money and business. Whether a handbag designer, podcast host, or a dog groomer, the young business owners on the series inspire viewers to turn their passions into profit. Comedy sketches and spoofs of movies make the series a hit with kids and parents alike. Biz Kid$ also shows how to use credit wisely and illustrates the importance of saving, budgeting, investing, and giving back to the community.

Each episode focuses on a specific learning objective, which was developed using national financial literacy standards. Companion materials and activities for every show are available to teachers and parents at no cost on the show’s web site, The site also features clips from the series and invites kids to apply to appear on the show. Web site visitors can also sign up for the show’s monthly newsletter, The Vault, which offers ideas on how kids can start their own businesses and shares hints on earning money and making their money grow.

View the teacher's guides and student activities.