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Back to School Planning Guide

Back to School Planning Guide

New school year, new classroom adventures, new sets of challenges! To meet them it takes planning, experimentation and a good sense of humor. Our Back to School Planning Guide is designed to address at least two parts of that list.

We've culled links to recommended sites that help with classroom planning and first day of school activities and suggest new technologies to try.

We hope you find this helpful. Have a wonderful school year!

Five Back to School Checklists
Five First Day of School Activities Sites
Five New Tech Sites to Try
  • - new writing community for young writers
  • - word cloud generator
  • The Wildlab -free mobile app that promotes STEM learning by engaging students in citizen science
  • Ahead - presentation site similar to Prezi
  • Google Plus - *note you need to either get an invite to join the social network or can sign up to receive access when it is out of the testing phase.