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Earth & Sky

EarthSky Communications’ first product – the popular, internationally syndicated Earth & Sky science series – began broadcasting in 1991 on a few dozen radio stations scattered throughout the United States. Today, Earth & Sky is a clear voice for science, heard more than 14 million times every day across the globe.

EarthSky is a digital media company advocating science as a vital voice in 21st century decision-making. On the Internet and via thousands of global broadcast outlets, EarthSky lets scientists speak directly to you about your world. EarthSky has brought the voice of science to people around the world since 1991, while enjoying the support and partnership of thousands of scientists and scientific institutions.

GPB brings Earth & Sky to Georgia’s airwaves Monday through Friday at 9:04am and 3:04 pm GPB Radio as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable development, green initiatives, and science news you can use. The daily Earth & Sky Report features topics as diverse as where the planet Mercury sits in the pre-dawn sky to how climate change is affecting architecture and the water supply.