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Georgia Public Broadcasting's nine transmitters serving the State of Georgia have converted to digital broadcasting. If you have cable or satellite you should be receiving GPB digitally. If you have a converter box or a new digital television you should also be receiving GPB digitally.

Still Having Trouble Seeing GPB?

GPB has learned a lot since going digital on FEBRUARY 17, 2009. If you are receiving GPB digitally through a converter box or a digital television and are experiencing difficulty seeing GPB, you may need to re-scan your remote control or you may need a stronger antenna. Click on the menu tab, GPB Digital Tip Sheet for more detail.

Why is the GPB Signal Weak in Some Area’s?

Some GPB stations cannot fully power up until June 12, so we’ve created a list of our GPB Stations and their current power strength. Click on the menu tab GPB Channel Power Strength.

Do I Need A Stronger Antenna?

In some areas of the state, you will need a stronger antenna in your house, or you may need to reposition the antenna, or in some cases, you might even need to install a roof-top antenna. To learn more, click on the antenna page on the menu.

What’s New on GPB?

GPB has two additional channels to offer! In addition to our GPB HD with all the great PBS and kids programming you trust, you may now watch GPB Knowledge, an all-new digital channel featuring quality educational content for teachers and students, great documentaries, as well as public affairs, lifestyle programming and encore presentations of the best of PBS and GPB Kids, Georgia’s own 24/7 channel dedicated to great PBS Kids programming and special shows for parents and care givers. See the GBP Channel Positions tab on the menu to find out where GPB Knowledge and GPB Kids is in your area!