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Dixie Divas in the Kitchen

"Southern women and cooking go together like cornbread and buttermilk. And, there's not a Southern woman alive who's more Southern than Barbara Dooley or me,” says popular columnist and best-selling author Ronda Rich, speaking of her new role as co-host with Dooley of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s latest original production, Dixie Divas in the Kitchen.

Dixie Divas in the Kitchen is a one-hour, pilot episode of a new cooking show based on heritage recipes and the stories behind them, from everyday cooks all across Georgia. This pilot episode features cooks and their recipes selected by the show’s producer. These cooks come from north Georgia to as far south as Savannah and they bring stories about recipes being passed down from generation to generation, and knowledge in how to prepare these dishes in a short time in your own home. Recipes for all these dishes can be found here on the Dixie Divas in the Kitchen website.

Based on viewer response, this pilot episode hopes to kick off a new type of cooking show based on the stories of real people, their recipes, and the heritage that comes along with passing recipes down to succeeding generations. In future episodes, Dooley and Rich will introduce two Georgia cooks and their heritage recipes selected from GPB viewers who have submitted their recipes and stories in advance.

“This show is a natural for us because it brings together three things that Barbara and I both love: cooking, friends and storytelling,” Rich adds. “Behind every family recipe is a story, so we look forward to bringing those stories and great recipes to the wonderful viewers of GPB.”

“Ronda Rich and I both are true Southern women,” Dooley adds. “We love to cook, we love to eat good food, and we both can tell a story. But this show is not only about our loves, but your loves and we can't wait to eat your cooking, learn your secrets and listen to your stories We can hardly wait to share your family with ours.”