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Design Squad

Design Squad is back for a second season, plugging a new cast of eight high-schoolers into the big, wild world of engineering. Over 13 episodes, the teams learn to build fast, think smart and not totally freak out when their stuff falls apart. Working in groups of four, each team has just two days to get it done! What they do ranges from constructing cardboard furniture for IKEA… to building hockey net targets for the Boston Bruins… to designing underwater prostheses for an amputee dancer. Heeding a few “words of wisdom” from Design Squad’s engineer host — 20-something Nate Ball — contestants brainstorm, design, build, test and re-design, before putting their products to the (sometimes hilarious, often triumphant) test. Keeping their eyes on the grand prize — a $10,000 college scholarship from the Intel® Foundation — and their cool when things get hot, Design Squad-ers soon discover that engineering can make anything possible!