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D-Day: Down to Earth – Return of the 507th

This documentary recounts the history of the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of an elite fighting force activated during the war – the airborne paratroopers. Men from the 507th dropped into Normandy on D-Day and fought with distinction in several crucial engagements, including battles at Graignes, Chef du Pont and La Fiere. In the ensuing year, the 507th fought through bitter cold in the Battle of the Bulge and participated in the largest airborne assault of the war – Operation Varsity, leading to the collapse of Nazi Germany. After the war, the regiment was quietly disbanded and its accomplishments nearly forgotten by history. In the summer of 2002 – 60 years after its inception – surviving members of the 507th returned to Normandy to take part in a series of events that gave completion to their story. The 507th's history is told primarily by veterans in their own words.