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Episode Overviews

Episode 201 - Math is Everywhere, Part One

Blossom and Snappy eat popcorn and try to find out who has more. They go to an ice cream shop where they count ice cream containers using multiplication, and they use math to figure out if they have enough money to buy popcorn. They also visit Malibu Grand Prix and McDonalds, where they find many ways to use math to figure things out. At the end of the episode, Blossom and Snappy figure out who had more popcorn. Do you know?

Episode 202 - Math is Everywhere, Part Two

Blossom and Snappy discover a new window that Robbie put in the garage and decide to measure it. They discover the difference of standard measurement and non-standard measurement during their visits to McDonalds and Gorin's Ice Cream.

Episode 203 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Farm, Part One

Blossom and Snappy decide to surprise Robbie by making her a pumpkin pie. They visit a pumpkin farm, dairy farm, and a dairy plant, finding out all the ways math is used in each of these places.

Episode 204 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Farm, Part Two

Blossom and Snappy go back to the pumpkin farm to further investigate pumpkins to make pies for Robbie. Then they go to a farmer's market to explore how vegetables are sold by weight. They also visit a packaging company to work with multiplication. The camera crew takes viewers to a local elementary school where students are asked to divide pumpkin pies. Then Blossom's and Snappy's pies are finished and they surprise Robbie with them.

Episode 205 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Bank, Part One

Blossom and Snappy want to buy something for Robbie for her birthday, so they decide to do some chores to earn money. Once they've earned some money, they go to the bank to open up bank accounts.

Episode 206 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Bank, Part Two

Blossom and Snappy continue to try to earn money for a present for Robbie's birthday by having a bake sale. They go back to the bank and learn about checking accounts and loans.

Episode 207 - Blossom and Snappy Learn about Utilities

Blossom and Snappy help Robbie prepare for a dinner party. They make a decorative centerpiece out of postage stamps. In order to help Robbie, they decide to pay her bills for her. In doing this, Blossom and Snappy visit and learn about the telephone company, the gas company, and the electric company.

Episode 208 - Blossom and Snappy Go Shopping

Blossom and Snappy plan a party for Robbie's birthday. They go to Toys R Us to buy party favors, Macy's for a present, and K-Mart for snacks.

Episode 209 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Zoo, Part One

Blossom and Snappy visit the zoo and compare the animals in many different ways. They write thank you notes to Robbie for the bathrobes she made them, but Snappy has a difficult time finishing his. Digit finishes Snappy's letter to Robbie, and Robbie thinks that Snappy wrote it.

Episode 210 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Zoo, Part Two

Blossom and Snappy help Robbie prepare for her math class by drawing pictures of animals that her students will be able to sort. But in order to find out what certain animals look like, Blossom and Snappy visit the zoo again.

Episode 211 - Blossom and Snappy Go to the Post Office

Blossom and Snappy help Digit mail a surprise package to Robbie. They visit the post office and postal processing plant to see how it all works.

Episode 212 - Blossom and Snappy Go Gardening

Blossom and Snappy decide to plant a garden. They go to Calloway Gardens to learn about different types of plants and flowers, as well as butterflies and hummingbirds.

Episode 213 - Blossom and Snappy Redecorate, Part One

Blossom and Snappy start to make a container garden in a cardboard box. The dirt seeps through onto Robbie's carpet so they go to the carpet factory to figure out the most cost-effective way to fix it. They also go to a home improvement store to buy the necessary supplies to make a real container garden.

Episode 214 - Blossom and Snappy Redecorate, Part Two

Blossom and Snappy redecorate the messy garage. They learn some ideas on redecoration by visiting a furniture store, a neon company, and an art supply store. They turn junk into decorations.

Episode 215 - Blossom and Snappy Build Scale Models

Blossom and Snappy learn about scale models. They visit an architectural firm, a construction site, Clark Atlanta University Art Gallery, and Clark Atlanta University Science Center. They learn how to build their own scale model of a house.

Episode 216 - Blossom and Snappy GO GO GO

Robbie's car needs to go to the auto mechanic, so Blossom and Snappy think of other ways she can get to work. They learn how the Atlanta transit system works, they visit the airport, and they even explore the possibilities of Robbie renting a car, riding a skateboard, a wagon, going horseback, roller-skating, or climbing a tree.

Episode 217 - Blossom and Snappy Learn About Planning

Robbie gets invited to a sports meet out of town for a few days. Blossom and Snappy decide to have their own sports meet at Robbie's house while she's gone. They find out that planning for a meet is harder than they thought!

Episode 218 - Blossom and Snappy Seek Fame and Fortune

Blossom and Snappy are the band, The Rulers, and want to play at Robbie's school party. In order to find out how being in a band works, they visit a performance site to gage rental fees, a promoter's office, and Ticketmaster.

Episode 219 - Blossom and Snappy Learn About Music

Blossom and Snappy learn about music. They do so by going to a play, meeting with a composer, listening to a gospel choir sing, and going to see the symphony orchestra play.

Episode 220 - Blossom and Snappy Go Camping

Blossom and Snappy help prepare Robbie for her camping trip. They learn about dehydrated food and the amount of water she will need for the four days and four nights she will be away. They also learn how to pick the right spot at the camp site, as well as how to pack for a camping trip.

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