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Ted Turner: A Conversation

Ted Turner is a man of energy, ideas and resolve. Founder of one of the world's largest broadcasting empires, winner of sailing's America's Cup, the largest individual landholder in the United States, billionaire philanthropist... at age 64 Ted Turner continues to create and climb his own mountains. He challenges us to think about the issues that define our times.

On April 14, PBS nationally and GPB in Atlanta and all of Georgia premiere Avoiding Armageddon, the inaugural series of Ted Turner Documentaries. Conceived well before 9/11, Avoiding Armageddon examines the potential human cost and devastating impact of weapons of mass destruction.

In Ted Turner – A Conversation, Turner joins GPB Senior Correspondent Susan Hoffman for a discussion about Avoiding Armageddon, the war in Iraq, Turner's $1 billion gift to the United Nations, his creation with former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the environmental work of the Turner Foundation, as well as his personal views on love, loyalty and taking risks in life.