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Joseph Lowery: A Conversation

Today at age 83, Joseph Lowery is often referred to as the "Dean of Civil Rights." But that doesn't mean he's enjoying life in the ivory tower with all his honorary degrees. He's still out there marching and speaking for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds who need an advocate on behalf of their human and civil rights.

In this Georgia Public Broadcasting Original Production, GPB Senior Correspondent Susan Hoffman engages Lowery in a frank, intimate conversation about his early life in racially charged Huntsville, Alabama... about his eye-opening years as a boy in Chicago... and about his first meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr. Through stories laced with humor and poignance, we get the picture of a man shaped by his times who in turn helped to shape the conscience of America.

As Lowery says in this interview, "We all felt called by God to participate in a divine journey from wrong to right, from injustice to justice... It's been a great journey and I'm just glad that God picked me.

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